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Datatrend Software Commitment to Customers

As a company, Datatrend Software is committed to the quality of our products, services, and support. The unconditional goal of meeting and exceeding customer requirements is our way of business. Growth and prosperity of Datatrend Software is guaranteed if you, the customer, are completely satisfied with all aspects of your interaction with our company.

There are two phrases common to computer software users:

"I wish the program would just do ..." and
"I wish the program would just stop doing ..."

If you should find yourself using either phrase, then you are a candidate for customer support. Send us your problem, or your wish-list, and we'll address it promptly. Most of the software products developed at Datatrend Software are utilities or repetitive use programs. If the software can be streamlined and made more efficient in -any- way, it will save users time and help our software to continually improve. This is the essence of support, and we are committed to it.

All of our software is supported and continually improved. We would LOVE to hear your feedback about our products, good or bad. Many changes to software products are simple ideas, and also simple to implement. We will probably incorporate your suggestions into our next version upgrade of the product. Since we provide free upgrades for life for all of our products, your input will directly benefit you.

Thanks for reading, and click my email address below to send me your comments.

Edward Preble
Founder and President of Datatrend Software, Inc.

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