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Grab It!
Examples of data retrieved with Grab It!
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Scientific Publication:
Published data can be accurately captured.
This example shows a graph of fracture test data. Assume that this is published in the literature and you would like to add your data to it to show agreement or disagreement and then re-publish all the data in your own paper (with copyright permission from the other author). Instead of manually picking off points, have Grab It! record the points for you. It's much faster, and more accurate.

Energy vs Fracture Data

Scaled Picture Analysis:
Any picture with a scale mark can be measured.
The screenshot below shows a micrograph with a 1 micron scale mark in the lower right corner. Measurements of the width of the "needle" shaped features are shown in column C. This principle can be used with maps, schematics, micrographs, or any photo with a scale mark. The speed of just clicking on two sides of a feature and the accuracy of the results make this a simple and valuable feature.

Scaled Micrograph

Financial Analysis:
A downloaded chart is easily changed into data.
This picture shows two stocks (Dell and Msft) on a chart, along with the actual data reported by Grab It! on the right. Set 1 is Dell, and Set 2 is Msft.  Grab It! gives as many data points as you want to click.
As a note, this graph is linear scale, and could probably be read without a lot of pain. If this were log scale (common for stocks), that would not be the case. Grab It! handles log and linear with ease.

Msft and Dell

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