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Grab It!Guide - Generic Graph

- Be sure the proper settings are chosen

The graph below shows stock price information. The x axis is in date format, and the y axis is in linear format. Simply click on "date" for x and "linear" for y, as shown to the right.

There are no special graph styles, and we are not measuring angles or point-to-point information. For graphical examples of other data types, click here.

menu_gen.gif (2040 bytes)

2nd - Click the points that are described in Cell B1
For a generic graph, like this one, Cell B1 will display the following:

"Click the x-axis origin"
This is the red circle.

"Click the x-axis maximum"
This is the blue circle.

"Click the y-axis origin"
This is the red circle (again).

"Click the y-axis maximum"
This is the green circle.

Ge_dell.gif (3446 bytes)

Accuracy in these clicks is important for accuracy in your data retrieval.

- Tell Grab It! the calibration points.
In our example, the points are the following:
x-axis origin
x-axis maximum
y-axis origin
y-axis maximum

- Click on your data points!
- Data appears as you click, starting in Cell C4.

- To load a new picture, click the loadnew.gif (811 bytes) button.

- To clear data or restart, click the clear.gif (650 bytes) button.

- To separate data sets, click the nextdata.gif (861 bytes) button.
- Output styles can be chosen using the output formatting menu.
arrow.gif (400 bytes)
output.gif (1515 bytes)

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