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Software Requirements and Information

Grab It!.xls

Retrieves data from an imported picture.
This Microsoft Excel application can import picture files (gif, jpg, bmp, dib, wmf, emf, ico, cur) and allows the user to retrieve data points on the graph by clicking on it. A graph can be linear or log scale and can also have dates/times on the x-axis instead of numbers. Data is displayed in real time on the spreadsheet. Multiple data sets can be retrieved sequentially.

Additional features include
- Automatically handles rotated charts and graphs (mis-aligned scans)
- A measurement utility to measure point-to-point dimensions.
- An angle measuring function.
- High/Low/Close and High/Low/Open/Close stock chart support.
- x and y error bar retrieval.
- Multiple y values for each x (up to 10).

Author: Dr. Edward Preble, DataTrend Software
Product Version: v10, XP
Software Price: $69.95 (US Funds) (order here)
Platform: Microsoft Excel on Windows System
Primary code: Visual Basic
Product Category: Data Analysis Utility
Primary Markets:
Scientific Publication
Financial Analysis
Dimensional Analysis

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