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Grab It!Guide - Step-by-Step

Text instructions for the use of Grab It!™
Load Grab It!
1. Grab It! runs using Microsoft Excel.
-From MS Excel, Use the File menu, then load "Grab It!.xls" from the location that you installed it to (default is C:\Program Files\DataTrend Software\Grab It! XP)

Load your picture
2. Load your picture into Grab It! by clicking on the "Load Picture" button.
-File types supported are gif, jpg, bmp, dib, wmf, emf, ico, cur.
-Have a tif or something else? There is
free software here for conversion.

Choose the type of data to retrieve
3. Grab It!™ handles chart data and also photographic measurements.
redball.gif (326 bytes)For a chart or graph:
-Choose the x and y axis type (linear, log, date, time)
-Choose a "Special Graph Style" drop down box item for special styles.
(high/low/open/close stock charts, x and y error bars, or multiple y points per x point)
redball.gif (326 bytes)For a photographic measurement:
-Choose either point-to-point measurement or angle measurement.

Calibrate your picture scale
4. Follow the instructions in Cell B1 to calibrate Grab It!™
-This process involves clicking the axis endpoints, or scale bar endpoints.
-Grab It! will guide you through this process with prompts in Cell B1.
-Angle measurements do not require calibration.
5. Format your output as desired
-x and y output can be separately formatted as numeric, scientific, date, time, or general.

Grab It!
6. Click directly on your data points.
-Grab It! will guide you with prompts in Cell B1.
-Data appears in real-time starting in column C.
-For multiple data sets, click the "Next Data Set" button.
7. Data can be cleared after saving and a new picture loaded.

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